Server commands

SkytechX enables another program to communicate and control the map using commands.

Communication between the server and the client is using TCP in plain text. Coordinates are entered in degrees. E.g. R.A. 6h 00m is stored as 90.00. After connecting the client server responds with a sequence of 'OK!' without quotes.

The server listens on port 2055 by default (you can change in the settings). Commands must be terminated by characters \r\n (carriage return and new line characters). The server response is ended with these characters. As a test client can use any terminal eg. Putty or Terra Term.

Server commands version 1.00

Request ECHO Text
Response Text
Echo command check the connection. In response is returned request text.

Request SETPOS ra,dec [,fov]
Response OK!
Center the map on ra, dec position and change field of view to fov. fov item is optional.

Request GETPOS
Response ra,dec
Return current map position.

Request GETJD
Response jd
Return current map time in julian date.

Request SETJD
Response OK!
Set map time to julian date.

Request ZOOMIN
Response OK!
Zoom in map. (Like a 'Plus' key)

Response OK!
Zoom out map. (Like a 'Minus' key)

Request SETMODE mode
Response OK!
Set map to mode 0 - equatorial mode, 1 - topocentric mode, 2 - ecliptic mode.

Response Version
Return server version in x.yy.

Request SWVER
Response Version
Return SkytechX version.

Request SETEXTFRAME width', height", angle, ra, dec
Response OK!
Insert frame of view to the map. Parameters are width, height, angle, R.A. and Declination. Angle is in degress clockwise. Width and height are in minutes ' or seconds ".

Response angle, ra, dec
Return a information about extended frame of field. Parameters are same as in SETEXTFRAME;

Request SETRTC rtc
Response OK!
Enable or disable real time in map. 0 - disable, 1 - enable.

Request GETRTC
Response rtc
Return real time mode, 0 - disabled, 1- enabled.

Request REDRAW
Response OK!
Repaint current map.