What's new


Fixed DLL for telescope control Download here Download.


Version 1.05 released! Download here Download.

  • Twilight dialog
  • Dialog with lunar phases
  • Added stopwatch
  • Standardized proper names for stars (IAU 2016)
  • Chart of sunspots
  • Saving / restoring home location
  • Downloading additional catalogues from Virtual Observatory (VO)
  • Proper motion of stars (TYC2, UCAC4 and URAT1)
  • Rebuilded internal DSO catalogue with 100000 PGC galaxy
  • Added meteor showers
  • Sending / receiving observer location to / from ASCOM driver
  • Interactive atlases HiPS.
  • Added selected stars from GCVS (12171 stars)
  • FOV up to 180°
  • Telescope handpad
  • Long latin constellation names
  • Show constellation boundaries without names
  • Save lunar features options (to registry)
  • Volume settings
  • Unselect selected object
  • Ctrl + Space -> Snap measure point to nearest object
  • Radius of planets is in config file.
  • Option to invert Y axis of charts.
  • New toolbar icons.

  • 5/9/2016

    Update to version 1.041 released! Download here Download.

    Fixed some little things.


    Version 1.04 released! Download here Download.

  • Added solar system ephemeris graphs.
  • Generating documents for events.
  • Ability to view geocentric solar system.
  • Added ephemeris JPL DE-xxx.
  • Added Moon theory ELP 2000-82B.
  • Added planetary theory VSOP87.
  • Joining 32b and 64b version in one instalation package.
  • Change FOV to 100° (before only 90°)
  • Added new planet moons.
  • Large planetary moons have texture.
  • Added support catalogs URAT1, USNO B1 and NOMAD.
  • New Milky Way shape
  • Advanced search dialog.
  • Added DSO filtering. Eg. 'LBN;IC' hide all objects starts with LBNxxx and ICxxx.
  • Views equator and prime meridian of planets
  • New entering parameters of GRS.
  • Label placement so they do not overlap
  • Magnifier glass ( key 'Z')
  • Automatic download sun textures
  • Option to set another (better) texture of Moon.
  • Restoring the last open DSS images.
  • Insert DSS image to the clipboard.
  • Editing a already inserted objects to maps (Telescope field of view, finders etc.)
  • New drawing of comets (estimated tail length and coma size)
  • Optimized grid rendering
  • Added dialog showing apparent planet sizes.
  • In comet dialog you can set perihelion distance or semi-major distance.
  • In comet/asteroid online download you can set name filter.
  • In the information about the object is added a new section with star cat. zone.
  • Two decimal places in R.A. and declination.
  • Online downloading of artifical satellites.
  • You can save timemark with position on map.
  • Corrected planetary position calculation.
  • Options to display halos around bright stars.
  • Added sounds at connecting/disconnecting telescope etc.
  • Customization of status bar.
  • Added airmass information
  • Added SkytechX server that can remote control the map over the TCP protocol.
  • Plus a few other little things.

  • 12/3/2016

    Beta version 1.04 released! Download here Download.

    If you find a bug plese send mail to bugs@skytechx.eu


    Added new section Bugs & Enhancements.


    Version 1.03 released! Download here Download.

  • In sidebar add buttons to control the map
  • Toolbar N S E W works on any chart mode
  • DSS filter (blur, emboss, etc)
  • Added map control by mouse (before only zoom)
  • Inserting binoculars
  • Autorepeat buttons in time toolbar
  • Dialog with 3D solar system with comets and asteroids
  • Added button to rotate the map through 180°
  • English/Czech constellation names
  • Shift + click on search planets do not change FOV
  • Added enable/disable drawing object tracking
  • Added asteroid information from JPL web site
  • Added buttons for object rise/transit/set
  • DSS manager
  • Added button for show/hide planet phase
  • In satellite event added planet satellite eclipses
  • In telescope dialog you can edit parameters by eg 12.5 not only 12
  • You can edit temperature in C or F
  • Add Interstellarum deep sky atlas (pages)
  • Show/hide earth shadow
  • In sidebar 'Event search' show searched location
  • You can search Earch shadow in edit box typing ES
  • Added dialog planet satellite chart
  • Inserting text into the map
  • Shift + Space move measure point to center of screen
  • Draw cross into center of screen
  • And corrected other several small bugs.

  • If you have found a bug, please report it to bugs@skytechx.eu.


    Version 1.03 beta released! Download here Download.

    If you have found a bug, please report it to bugs@skytechx.eu.


    Version 1.02 released! Download here.

    • The main change is the transfer of user data directory to the folder "User\AppData\Local\PMR\SkytechX"

      These are the following folders:


      If you have already stored data and need to migrate to the new version so these folders from the "Program Files\SkytechX\Data" back up and after installing a new version copy to the folder "User\AppData\Local\PMR\SkytechX"
    • Star search in the search box for catalogs USNO2, UCAC4, GSC, TYC and HD.
    • A new toolbar for working out the windows.
    • When telescope slewing icon flashes informative.
    • Help for all shortcuts (F2).
    • Option to set the color of the Milky Way.
    • For DSS images and field frames label displayed on the bottom left.
    • Added 'Delete' button for some lists on some dialogs.
    • Added deepsky objects in the window legend.
    • Option to disable / enable parking telescope after disconnection.
    • Minor fixes in DSO catalog and catalog Tycho2.
    • Added button to track the path of the object in the sidebar.
    • Added gamepad contol.
    • Speedup grid rendering.
    • And corrected other several small bugs.


    Version 1.01 released! Download here.

    • Added more DSO catalogue filtering.
    • In search box you can search R.A. Dec. e.g. '12 33 44 -35 15 12.5' (without quotes).
    • Corrected comets and asteroids position.
    • Added better searching in some dialogs.
    • Saving realtime button state at program exit.
    • Key 'Backspace' return to last mouse zoom.
    • Smoother rendering planet satellite shadows.
    • You can set equatorial chart to epoch J2000.0.
    • Disable/Enable atmospheric refraction.
    • Online checking for new version.
    • And corrected other several small bugs.


    Version 1.0 released! Download here.

    • Print preview added.
    • Grid labels improved.
    • Added support for UCAC4 catalogue (ftp://cdsarc.u-strasbg.fr/pub/cats/I/322A/UCAC4/u4b/)
    • DSO catalogue is now non-modal and remains open when object is changed.
    • PPMXL stars import fixed.
    • Alternative mouse controls added.
    • Tip of the day added.
    • Map position is saved on program exit.
    • Observing location can be guessed based on your IP address.
    • Custom ordering of DSO catalogues.

    We also switched to a new better looking web with english language support.


    Web has been moved to new webhosting and under new domain name (www.skytechx.eu).


    New beta version 0.7 released! Download.

    • Czech language added.
    • Field view CCD/Camera settings fixed.
    • New dialog to remove individual drawings from the map.
    • New toolbar to place drawings to the map.
    • Time settings dialog fixed.
    • Max magnitude settings added for viewing asteroids and comets.
    • Deep Sky Objects ordering fixed in dialog window.
    • Observing location dialog has been extended with possibility to zoom the map.
    • Coordinates are displayed along the grid.
    • Possibility to set longitude of GRS at Jupiter.
    • Enhanced black&white printing.
    • Timezone displayed along the time information.
    • Added new dialog to search constelations.
    • Added new dialog to display solar system.
    • Added new floating dialog for time settings.
    • Main window now contains observer location.
    • DSS images are now automatically named.
    • Actual weather dialog added.
    • Added catalog of LBN (brighter nebulaes).
    • Added catalog of bright quasars.
    • and many more....


    New images in gallery.


    New video in gallery.


    Web improved a little.


    Beta 0.6. released


    Web started oficially.